PerpetuumProductions Presents :
Pasient ” Riktig Og Galt EP ”
Pasient from Tredjestanden released his debut single ” Hvem Er Du ” 21 November .
Now he is ready to present the ” Riktig Og Galt EP ” to the people!

Releaseparty(Pasient Logo: PANGY Design: PerpetuumStudio)

Pasient brings with him Tredjestanden as warm up and they will make a hell of a show before Pasient will step up and deliver what many have been waiting for! After the concert there will be high party factor !

Warm up: Tredjestanden
( The capital’s underground scene should be very familiar with the rap collective Tredjetsanden, but for those who do not know , these guys are a continuation of the Østkantens Profeter, and currently consists of members RBDann , Fabs , Fetter aka Jæger , Max Payne, Flexi Aukan and Pasient . (… BTW: Flexi Aukan is working on his solo project …) )

DJ : ( … Will Remain Secret …)
This is the last gigg from us this year and we´ll do it with style !
PerpetuumProductions and Pasient invites friends and family to an unforgettable party at Skuret !

” It’s real talk ! Those who know know … ”

Check out Pasient – “Hvem Er Du”

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