Release on Michelle November 1st single from her debut album “MICHELLE NOVEMBER” at Skuret Christian Krohgs gate 2, 0186 Oslo
KL:20, ID:20, CC: 50,-
Warm-Ups By:
– Flexi Aukan Tredjestanden (NO)
– Prozpect (NO)

Doors opens at 20:00 and when the mood is set, the good times will begin with Warm-ups from
Prozpect ( known in the underground and debuted on SKEEZ TV earlier this month (and killed it)) and
Flexi Aukan (from Tredjestanden that released their debut EP “Nye Triks, Samme Virkemiddel” on PerpetuumProductions in 2012.)

It will be an evening with a lot of love and good vibes.
Only R&B/ hip hop all night.
Make sure to bring your friend so you have someone to share the moment with.


We will announce a CONTEST on the release that could really make a difference for the winner !

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Release Michelle November( Release of the debut single “Marry The Night” at skuret. Photo: Amalie Winther Design: PerpetuumStudio)
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