Follow Tredjestanden & Haji On “Minnenes Vei”

“Minnenes Vei” will is available for streaming and download from May 1 on;
iTunes, Spotify, Albums, WIMP, Amazon, Nokia, CDON, Google Download, YouTube and other digital music channels

The single is the second from Tredjestanden´s “Nye Triks Samme Virkemiddel” EP, a result of last year’s collaboration with producer PerpetuumProductions (Co-prod: A-lee – Hear The Crowd and “Feel Good”).

On the EP Tredjestanden is accompanied by singer Haji, (Idol 2005 and ESC 2012 m / BenedicteAdrian, Sirius and the song “Little Bobbi”)Natasha Angel (“Kill Buljo”) and the experienced great Storstas/ BjarneIestra(Saxophone).

– “With” Minnenes Vei “we would pay tribute to the good times, when you with clarity and peace can look back on it, and on those that have shaped you into who you are now. This is in all respects a look back at the time that we in the group behind us to get where we are today, the road has not been easy, but necessary in its own way. This is dedicated to everyone who has been on the road, those who have had to move on, those who took another road and they still are with us today! 1 “

– Tredjestanden

PerpetuumProductions, Tredjestanden and Haji (MGP 2012) combine forces and launch second single “Minnenes Vei” from the concept EP “Nye Triks Samme Virkemiddel”
The up-tempo sunshine-tribute offers a nostalgic approach to the past as a foundation.
Their honest lyrics, combined with the song acoustic sound, offers a nice contrast
to popular culture’s electro-induced expression.
“Minnenes Vei” is also captured on film and there is none other than the talented people in the 9th Street Productions which is behind.

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